Emil "Buddy" Altobello

Serving the 82nd Assembly District


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Legislative Office Building, Room 4015
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Capitol: 800-842-8267

Dear Friend

Hello and welcome to the Connecticut General Assembly's 2014 legislative session. Our official opening day was February 5th and with a little more than three months to complete our legislative calendar, we are sure to be working overtime until May 7th when we adjourn for the year. We passed a two-year budget last year, so this year you are likely to see some small adjustments to the currently adopted state budget.

Other priorities will include adjustments to the education reform package that was passed in 2012. The goal of the amended package will be to ensure that the state is better representing the voices of teachers and administrators who are struggling on the front lines of implementing education reform.

Recent Metro-North failures have propelled both the management of our aging train system and its much needed, long-term investments into the spotlight. I will continue to take a strong lead in the conversation surrounding our transportation infrastructure investment plan and the future of Metro-North service. As a representative of a town with three train stations and a husband that commutes daily to New York City, I understand the critical need to get Metro-North back on track serving our commuters and assuring safe and reliable service. I recently did a radio interview on this subject:

In 2013 I chaired an Affordable Housing Working Group that explored policy initiatives aimed at bringing smart growth, transit-oriented development, and an increase in affordable housing options to our state. The working group is championing legislation that will provide municipal planning and zoning boards with the autonomy to create "Incentive Housing Zones". These zones will create affordable housing units, while offering some measure of relief to municipalities from the burdensome 830g housing statute that often restricts municipal options and ignites local backlash. I am hopeful 2014 will bring legislative progress in our effort to modernize the state's 830g affordable housing law and ultimately help our communities achieve the long term goal of building more affordable housing.

As I enter my eighth legislative session, I will continue with my committee leadership positions and role as an Assistant Majority Leader. I will be to serving as both Chair of the Transportation Bonding subcommittee of the Finance Committee and Vice Chair of the Children's Committee. Both jobs will involve intense oversight of the money you send to Hartford and an opportunity to be a voice for our children and families.

Democracy works best when we keep the dialogue open. Now more than ever I hope you will not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns. You can always call me directly at 203-258-8922 or email me