Patricia Dillon

Serving the 92nd Assembly District

New Haven

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Legislative Office Building, Room 4019
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Capitol: 800-842-8267

Dear friends and neighbors,

This session, despite challenges, the legislature took up positive policy measures from practical concerns about utilities cutting down trees to increasing aid to New Haven for property tax relief.

We added needed dollars to New Haven for payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) and education, and responded to an unexpected event: the economic impact of Congress’ numerous dramatic cuts to those affected by the recession.

Added to previous cuts in health research and defense from the sequester that affected jobs, the cuts in unemployment benefits and food stamps threatened New Haven’s economy and harmed families, renters and homeowners alike.

In a further dramatic move, Congress axed 50,000 people in Connecticut from eligibility for nutrition support. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Malloy, our budget redirected funds to ensure that those 50,000 people would be protected.

Our quality of life - and jobs - are also affected by continued funding for the arts, programs for youth, and the ‘built environment’ including street safety, water quality, healthy food, and access to our rivers and parks.

Jobs in neighborhood restoration, future ‘green jobs’ and others are critical. They improve our environment and upgrade housing, while also providing jobs.

Work at the capitol is rewarding, and requires that we make our case to legislators whose towns seem quite different from New Haven. Your energy, compassion, and focus on problem solving benefit our community.

Thank you.