Rep. Gregory Haddad

February 17, 2012

Rep. Haddad invites top writers to legislative hearing

Representative Gregory Haddad (D-Mansfield, Chaplin) recognized 24 8th graders at Mansfield Middle School for participating in an essay contest sponsored by the state lawmaker.

Students were asked to submit essays describing their proposal for a new law or changes to a current law. Haddad presented writers of the top 8 entries with official citations from the General Assembly, with all participants receiving congratulatory letters.

Haddad also invited three students who wrote in support of increasing the state’s minimum wage to testify at a public hearing before the legislature’s Labor Committee. Haddad is cosponsoring the proposal that was advocated in essays by Alice Hu, Ethan Oliver and Kevin Sheehan.

Gregg Haddad
Top writers in State Rep. Gregory Haddad's essay challenge from Mansfield Middle School (left to right) Charles Schwoerer, Christopher Choi, teacher Dona Stratton, Jonas Brown, Darius Javidi, Ethan Oliver, Kevin Sheehan, Rep. Haddad and Alice Hu.

Other top essays were written by Jonas Brown (Encouraging Bike Paths), Maya Barton-Zuckerman (Perspective on the Pledge of Allegiance), Christopher Choi (Changing the School Year), Darius Javidi (Encouraging Hybrid Cars) and Charles Schwoerer (Transportation Alternatives).

“This was a great way to engage our young people and get them thinking about the laws we have and how they could be improved,” Haddad said. “These students are our future leaders and we can already start learning from their unique perspectives.”

Gregg Haddad
Rep. Gregg Haddad presents Connecticut General Assembly citations to Mansfield Middle School Students Ethan Oliver and Kevin Sheehan who wrote essays in support of increasing the state's minimum wage as part of a civics essay challenge sponsored by Haddad.

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