Matthew Ritter

Serving the 1st Assembly District


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Legislative Office Building, Room 4003
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Capitol: 800-842-8267

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

It has been and continues to be an honor to represent you in the General Assembly. As Co-Chair of the General Assembly's Public Health Committee, I was heavily involved this past session in issues affecting our city and state related to health care access and outcomes.

The highlight of this session was the major changes we made to our state's property tax system. After decades of trying to do something about high municipal property and car taxes, the legislature finally made historic progress toward alleviating this burden. Beginning in July 2016, car owners in Hartford will see their tax bills decline by 50% on average. In addition, the city will receive an additional $16 million in PILOT funding beginning in fiscal year 2016-2017 and annually thereafter. This funding will help restore necessary city services and lower your property tax bills.

We took steps to begin transforming our state's transportation system. We have crumbling roads and bridges and traffic jams that are preventable but we must invest resources into highway redesign, fast and reliable train service and additional bus routes.

I am also happy to share that the Department of Transportation has implemented my request, on behalf of Shiloh Baptist Church, for additional green traffic light time on Sundays between noon and 1pm for the Green Street approach to Albany Avenue where traffic backs up.

I hope you find this information to be of use and please do not ever hesitate to contact me regarding any issue or if I can ever be of assistance. My home number is 860-519-5685 and my email address is

Warmest regards,