Robert Sanchez

Serving the 25th Assembly District

New Britain

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Legislative Office Building, Room 4018
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Capitol: 800-842-8267


This session we took steps to help our seniors in meaningful and important ways:

  • Expanded the Small Nursing Home Pilot Program allowing more seniors to move away from traditional institutional nursing homes into smaller, more personal and welcoming facilities

  • Authorized a study of private funding sources for home and community-based care for the elderly and those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Lifted the suspension and re-opened the Renters’ Rebate Program providing partial rental payment and utility rebates to the elderly and disabled


This year, I was promoted to vice chair of the legislature’s Education Committee and I am pleased to share some of our accomplishments:

  • Created the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) as the lead agency and oversight authority for early care and education of young children

  • Established opportunities for the creation of new pre-school programs and additional pre-school slots for existing school-readiness programs

  • Provided high school and college students with additional training and learning grants for apprenticeships to give students real work environment experiences

  • Increased the hourly minimum wage to $10.10 incrementally to give more financial security to working individuals and families and pump more money into our local economy

  • Passed two laws aimed at increasing awareness and prevention of injuries and illnesses among student athletes related to concussions and sudden cardiac arrest


Our veterans and their families deserve support and recognition. That’s why we prioritized issues important to them and::

  • Established the Military Occupational Specialty Task-force to develop guidelines for granting credit for military experience or qualifications allowing veterans better access to employment opportunities

  • Created penalties and fines for fraudulent representation of military honors or service

  • Granted 10 days of excused absence to any school aged child of military personnel being deployed to combat zones