Caroline Simmons

Serving the 144th Assembly District


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Legislative Office Building, Room 4016
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Capitol: 800-842-1902

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am so proud to represent the 144th district in Stamford, which comprises so many devoted community members like you. Thank you for everything you do for our city - it is an honor to serve you in the Connecticut General Assembly.

My first legislative session ended in June and I would like to update you on some of the highlights. As a member of the Commerce, Public Safety, and Judiciary Committees, I introduced and co-sponsored 58 bills this session, which aim to help our students, business owners, seniors, veterans, teachers, police officers, and firefighters. To learn more about these bills, visit my website.

I also fought to secure substantial state aid for Stamford. This includes $3.9 million towards property tax relief, $1.5 million in new funding for our public schools, $61.8 million for an expanded magnet school, $4.9 million for JM Wright Tech, $75,000 for a new pre-school, and substantial funds to reduce traffic on I-95, and improve Metro-North.

This session I joined the MORE Commission, which works to make government more efficient and transparent; the Women’s Caucus, which is focusing on legislation to support affordable childcare and a new Women Veterans’ Program; and the Young Legislators Caucus, which is working to ease student loan debt and create jobs for young people in Connecticut.

If you have ideas on how we can improve our community or a problem that I can help with, I want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime on my personal cell phone at 203-962-4619, or e-mail me at
All the best,