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MORE Commission Legislation 2010-14

  • Created the Municipal Reimbursement and Revenue Account (MRRA) to assist municipalities.
  • Allow the creation of regional economic development districts.
  • Permitted regional revenue sharing agreements.
  • Implemented a Uniform Chart of Accounts for towns and BOEs.
  • Consolidated 15 regional planning organizations into 9 COGs (Council of Governments).
  • Created a tax incidence study.
  • Created a land value taxation pilot.
  • Provided for a common school calendar that would be created by the Commissioner of Education and administered by Regional Education Service Center (RESC) districts.
  • Created a task force that would research the use of alternative fuel and alternative energy school busses to replace the current diesel school busses and save school districts money.
  • Connected town halls, major municipal facilities and COGs to the Nutmeg Network.
  • Initiated a study concerning the creation of a statewide health insurance pool for school districts or bus companies in which drivers could enroll.
  • Commissioned a report by CT DOT to provide suggested guidelines and a process relating to the new MPO structure.
  • Re-aligned DSS, DCF, DDS and DMHAS service boundaries.
  • Established regional human service coordination councils.
  • Permitted two or more boards of education to establish shared service agreements.
  • Gave RESC’s the authority to provide more services to BOE’s.
  • Allowed two or more municipalities or BOE’s to jointly purchase health insurance for their employees