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Regional Entities Subcommittee Members

Rep. Peggy Sayers 60th District
Ranking Member  
Sen. Paul Formica 20th District
Rep. Aundré Bumgardner 41st District
Sen. Steve Cassano 4th District
Rep. Theresa Conroy 105th District
Rep. Mike Demicco 21st District
Rep. Bob Godfrey 110th District
Rep. John Hampton 16th District
Rep. Susan Johnson 49th District
Rep. Gail Lavielle 143rd District
Rep Jason Rojas 9th District
Rep. Christopher Rosario 128th District
Rep. Tami Zawistowski 61st District
Carl Amento South Central CT COG
Brian Anderson AFSCME, Council 4
Susan Bransfield First Selectwoman, Portland
Jeff Bridges Town Manager, Wethersfield
John Elsesser Town Manager, Coventry
John Filchak NECCOG
Peter Foote International Union Of Painters
Carl P. Fortuna Jr. First Selectman, Old Saybrook
William W. Fritz Jr First Selectman, Clinton
Betsy Gara COST
Scott Gaul HFPG
Sam Gold Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Government
Deb Hinchey Mayor, Norwich
Richard Ives First Selectman, Brooklyn
Matthew Knickerbocker First Selectman, Bethel
Robert Labanara State Relations Manager (CCM)
Pat Llodra First Selectwoman, Newtown
Cynthia Mangini Council Member, Enfield
Sheila McKay CABE
Steve McKeever AFT Connecticut
Robert Namnoum CEA
Leo Paul First Selectman, Litchfield
Lisa Pellegrini First Selectwoman, Somers
Bonnie A. Reemsnyder First Selectman, Old Lyme
Lena Rodriguez CRT
Christine Ruman CREC
Melissa Schlag First Selectwoman, Haddam
Donald Stein First Selectman, Barkhamsted
Daniel Steward First Selectman, Waterford
Joyce Stille Administrative Officer, Bolton
Jeff Tomchik UPFFA
Stephen Woods Mayor of Newington
Lyle Wray CRCOG
Steve Vavrek First Selectman, Monroe
Jim Vigue CEIU
Jeremy Zeedyk Smart Union 40